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Wildflower Season In Colorado!

Wildflower Season in Colorado!

When I was 15 or 16 my family drove out to the mountains in the summer to camp near Steamboat Springs. Along the way we stopped at a meadow stocked full of wildflowers. Wildflower season in Colorado is beautiful and very brief. The mountains see snow in June and August so July is the one month where blooming flowers thrive. Everyone filed out of the car to check out the scene, except me. I refused. I wasn’t getting out of the car to go look at some stinkin’ flowers.

Fortunately, the teenage version of me and the adult version of me are very different. Today, I find that attitude unimaginable and make a point to find time to take in wildflower season in the Rockies each year. So I was excited for a recent assignment to photograph a wife and husband team who operate Rancho Verde Flowers, a wildflower farm in Nathrop , Colorado. They supply flowers to events in the area. I went out one early July morning and photographed them as they picked flowers from their farm for a client’s upcoming wedding.


Paul picks flowers at his Rancho Verde Wildflower Farm in Nathrop Colorado.

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