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A Group Of Young Adults Sits Conversing In The Lobby Of Denver's Ramble Hotel

Always Evolving My Photographic Style

I love mood. To infuse it into my images I often take a tone or a color that is prevalent in the scene and augment it further across the image. For a series of images, it ignites a cohesive feel. That technique is a relatively new dimension of my photographic style and I am reminded of that when I look back on past work. It's a lot fun to rework those images with the skills and vision I have now.…

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Cenex Convenience Store Hazen North Dakota Owner Portrait

Sleuthing for Clues in North Dakota

Gas station ... boy, how am I going to get creative with that? That's what went through my head when a business magazine art director contacted me recently to photograph a North Dakota convenience store. She requested images of a remodel and a creative portrait of the owner. When meeting my subjects for the first time, I leave my camera gear in the car and look first to start a conversation to see what I might learn that will spark ideas.…

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