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Too Dope Teachers And A Mic

Too Dope Teachers and a Mic

One skill that comes in handy on just about every assignment is being able to call an audible.

Here, the photo editor wanted an image of Denver teachers Gerardo and Kevin doing their podcast at the school. When I got there they told me they no longer do it at the school.

Alright … now what? So I thought, well, they started it here so that had to have been somewhere.

“Could you please show me where you used to do the podcast?”

They took me to this small storage closet in the school auditorium. They said I probably wouldn’t find it interesting for a photo, though. Um, actually I do!

I find that the image that comes about after an audible, such as here, often ends up being much more interesting that the original request.

Check out Gerardo’s and Kevin’s podcast, “Too Dope Teachers and a Mic“.

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