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Portrait For Valuation Magazine

Portrait for Valuation Magazine

Valuation Magazine reached out to me again this month to create a portrait of a vice president at the Appraisal Institute for their upcoming quarterly issue. I had a great experience creating portraits of their new president last year so I was happy to work with them again.

Whenever I do a magazine shoot I always like to see the story ahead of time to get ideas that will resonate visually. Unfortunately, that wasn’t available yet. I asked if it would be mentioned that the subject lives in Colorado and they said yes. So I planned an outdoor shoot near the subject’s home in Broomfield to capture a mountainous background. Fortunately this time of year the higher peaks are still snow-capped, which added visual interest.

Since the magazine deals with building appraisals, I wanted to do a second option with an interesting structure in the background. I found one in the form of a rec center in Broomfield.


The Appraisal Foundation Vice President Lisa Desmarais

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