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Lions, Tigers, and … Zebras? Oh My!

Faux tiger hide rugs. Crocodile skin vinyl chairs. Zebra striped walls. These were just some of the many design flourishes I found at a recent assignment in Denver.

My client, Image Studios, houses several independent stylists under one roof. In this co-working model, they work hard to set their spaces apart with their use of luxurious design. I was hired to create photos and videos to help attract new tenants with high-end clients.

An appeal for tenants is the freedom to personalize their spaces. I chose environmental portraiture to capture existing stylists immersed in their designs to give the viewer a feeling of what it what their future could be.

The video needed to capture the overall studio luxuriousness while tying together highly individualized spaces into a cohesive presentation. I used fashion-style lighting, smooth camera movements that were always in motion, and graphical flourishes to bring out a theme of glamour.

It’s always fun to highlight vibrant spaces and bring attention to the people behind them.

a stylist in her studio at a denver salon

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