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Career Day!

Career Day!

It was career day at my step-daughter’s first grade class and I got invited to come talk about my job. Couldn’t help but bring some toys with me. It was so much fun seeing the kids play around with the gear. The questions their teacher asked me to address:

Why did you choose your career? Me: Because creating photos and videos feels like magic and I get the same feeling I had at your (first-graders’) age Christmas morning whenever I sit down to edit what I have captured. And I get to wear shorts to the office. :}

How do you use reading, writing, and math in your job? Me: I chose this career so I didn’t have to do math. Kidding (sorta). Writing, reading, and math are all important for running a business between communicating with clients and calculating estimates and invoices.

How does my career help other people? Me: My images and films can bring helpful attention to people who are going through challenging circumstances.

Why did you choose your career?

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